High school student Iain Dorne and his bigger sister Cathrin Dorne move into a new house in Los Angeles, unaware of it's dark past.

Prologue Edit

A pretty dark day in Los Angeles, California. In Roseville, this small neighbourhood, each way or road always led to the House of Death. At least, that's how the people called it. It's raining. The clouds aren't white, they are gray. There aren't normal neighbours there. Roseville is a very sad neighbourhood. The people are poor, the children are crazy and they become young vandals. Nothing good happens and the House of Death just makes it worse. The creators of this house died long ago and until now, no one has ever tried to enter it. The neighbours think it's haunted, because they swear on their lifes that they caught eyes staring at them. The devil's eyes. A legend is that voices are heard from inside the house. Another legend is that one person tried to enter it and never got out. He's still trapped in there, somewhere in the basement. Or at least his corpse. The moths, the flies, the rats and even mosquitos eating it slowly until there's nothing left of his body.

Outside of the House of Death, 2013 Edit

Two children, a boy and a girl, are running from a man with a car. They are both very poor and have rags, not clothes. They also have baseball bats. The girl's name is Imma. She has short, curly black hair and beautiful green eyes. Sadly, her personality is nothing like her appearance. The boy is Bonn. He has also short, curly black hair - just like his sister. They don't have parents. Just one grandmother with very short, white hair and black skin. She's been discriminated by the other people in the neighbourhood because of her skin color, so she didn't really have any friends. Just one old gypsy with black hair and some white on the top of it. She taught them how to be vandals and how to destroy everything they see, including people. They were young serial killers. Most of the people were secretly hoping about one thing - Imma and Bonn to die, but this still didn't happen. Many times the neighbours were trying to convince the children to enter the House of Death, but they weren't that stupid. But one day, they decided to enter it. They were challenged by another kid in the kindergarten. Their grandmother thought it was a stupid idea and she was right, but they were kids - they didn't listen. So, that way, one day, they headed to the House of Death.

The House of Death had a front door and another door. If you pass the front door, you would enter the garden, which didn't have tombstones, surprisingly. But no one confirmed about a second thing - maybe there were dead bodies buried in there.

Imma and Bonn reached the front door and opened it. They hid from the man chasing them, but they weren't scared. They just didn't want to get into another trouble. After they opened it, they saw a little girl, sitting there and meditating. It's like she could talk to the nature. The girl's name was Dawn. Her eyes were closed, but she opened them right when she felt that someone opened the front door. "Excuse me." Dawn said. "Can you leave?" she continued. Imma and Bonn looked at each other, shaked heads and kept going. They didn't listen to Dawn. "You're going to die!" she screamed. Imma and Bonn looked at each other again, this time with a bit less confidence, but they rolled their eyes. "One more word and we're gonna beat you, not the house." Imma said, then, with her fat body, she reached the House of Death. Before that, she and Bonn both turned around to see what Dawn is going to do now, but she wasn't there. She disappeared. "Such a freak." Imma continued and then tried to open the door along with Bonn. But it was locked. They couldn't get in. They still could, because they were strong and heavy. Imma and Bonn could just hit the door one time and open it. That's, exactly, what they did.

Inside the House of Death, 2013 Edit

They entered the house. Just an old, abandoned, casual house. That didn't stop them from crushing the windows. They looked like bloody monsters now, because pieces of glass hurt their skin bad. But they continued. They were raised to feel nothing but vengeance. "It's strange, it feels like someone is actually living in there." Imma said, while finding stuff to break with her baseball bat. "Yeah, I know. I feel the same."

Suddenly, the lights went off. Then on again, and finally off forever. The spirit of Dawn appeared right behind them. Imma and Bonn didn't see it. For the first time of their lifes, they were actually scared. Imma was about to cry. She wasn't the tough, strong girl she looked like. Imma sighs. "Ugh, let's just go upstairs." she said and Bonn listened to her. He and Imma went upstairs.

It was neither better, nor less scary. They entered another room. It looked like a children room. It had a TV and a computer, a bed and a scary drawing of a girl and her family. They all had their eyes gouged out. Bonn picked up that drawing. "Look at that drawing. What is this?" he asked. Imma turned around and looked at it, right after breaking the TV with the baseball bat. "Bullshit. That's what it is." she said, then teared it on two pieces. After that, she broke the computer. Imma and Bonn heard crying. Someone was crying, but there was no one but them in the room. "Who plays with my toys?" the voice said. It was recognizable. It was Dawn's voice. "They're just messing with us. Keep going." Imma said. "Yeah, right." they kept crushing.

Bonn didn't stop, he crushed every thing he saw. He was angry that someone else was owning all this stuff and he was a poor little boy. "Imma, look what I found" he said, after finding a wallet full of money. But she didn't answer. Bonn turned around. Imma was gone. She wasn't there. "Imma?" he repeated. No answer. It was so silent he could hear his own heart. It was also very dark, despite the fact that it's a day outside.

Bonn started running downstairs, to see if Imma went there. He wanted to make sure he isn't alone in there. "Imma?" he kept repeating while running downstairs. "Are you there? I swear to God, if that's a prank, I will honestly..." Bonn said. He reached downstairs. He saw something. It was terrifying. It was Imma's corpse, hanged. He started screaming and running to the door, trying to open it, but it was locked. He had nowhere else to go. The only decision he had is to stay in the house. He turned around, then he saw something more terrifying. He started screaming.

On the road, 2015 Edit

A boy and an older girl are walking on a sunny road and carrying their bags ond their backs.They are brother and sister. The boy is Iain Dorne, he has brown, straight and short hair with brown eyes. According to his sister, he suffers from anxiety and depression, because of many reasons. He never felt really alive and has tried to suicide over ten times. Cathrin Dorne is the name of Iain's sister. She has straight, but long brown hair and dark black eyes. She has very light skin and many people call her "little bird", because of how thin she is and how white her skin is. Twenty years and she still tries to find her passion, but she is very polite and always tries to cheer up Iain a bit. "Ah, I'm going to miss home." Cathrin said, with a smile on her face. Ten seconds of silence followed. Iain was just looking at the ground while walking and quietly asked "Why?". "But I'm looking forward to our new home, they say it's very old, I guess it can help you with your History lessons. Right? Haha." she continued. "Who cares about home? Days pass. And each day is the same. They all hurt." Iain said. "Why are you so sad?" she asked. After a minute of silence, she realized it was a stupid question to ask a person with depression. "I'm sorry, it was a dumb question. But I can help you. New school - new start, right?" she continued. "I don't know. Boys in Roseville can be pretty cruel, I heard. I hope I meet someone I can actually share secrets with." he said. "You can share everything with me, I am your sister!" she said. "Also, you're going to have so much fun, there's no need to worry! Cheer up!" Iain's sister continued. Iain rolled eyes, full of sadness. "Whatever" he said, quietly and stopped walking right when his sister stopped too.

A taxi came and picked them up. It headed to the House of Death.

The Dorne House (The House of Death), 2015 Edit

Cathrin and Iain enter their new home and leave all their suitcases and bags next to the door. Their next job was to unpack and unbox. Iain lied on the couch. "Hey, can you help me with these?" Cathrin said and pointed the bags with her clothes. After that, Iain stood up and picked up Cathrin's bags for her. "There 'ya go." he said, then lied on the couch again. "Thank you. I'll be right back." Cathrin said, then went to the bathroom.

Moments later, Iain heard Cathrin scream. He quickly stood up and started running to the bathroom. He caught Cathrin staring at a weird gibbet in front of the door. When she realized Iain was next to her, she started speaking. "Oh my god, there's a gibbet in front of the bathroom? I really got scared for a while, dude." she said, then laughed. Iain smiled for the first time in a while. "Now I can die in peace." he thought.

In the bathroom of the Dorne House, 2015 Edit

Iain has a little knife, he is self-harming himself and slowly cutting his arms.

The L.A. High School, 2015 Edit

Iain is walking through the yard, smoking a cigar. Everyone sees him and no one can look away without making a comment about something he's wearing or about his face.

He passes Evan and Matt, the most popular School Soccer Players. Matt mocks him and laughs at him. Iain pretends he doesn't see them the entire time. Evan laughs for a bit too, but then tries to stop Matt from laughing.

Characters Appearing Edit

Main Characters Edit

  • Iain Dorne -> 1/12 (first appearance)
  • Cathrin Dorne -> 1/12 (first appearance)
  • Evan Howard -> 1/12 (first appearance)
  • Matt Lovelace -> 1/12 (first appearance)
  • Violet Harmony -> 1/12 (first appearance)


Jamie Gardener -> 0/12

Recurring&Guest Characters Edit

  • Vivian Hacket -> 1/12 (first appearance)
  • Janna Lightshield -> 1/12 (first appearance)
  • Kayl Salle -> 1/12 (first appearance)
  • Spencer Sheedy -> 1/12 (first appearance)
  • Gina Harvey -> 1/12 (first appearance)
  • Larry Farren -> 1/12 (first appearance)
  • Imma -> 1/12 (first appearance)
  • Bonn -> 1/12 (first appearance)
  • Dawn -> 1/12 (first appearance)


Cara Devlinne -> 0/12

Jowny Darling -> 0/12

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